Home Groups

Since the earliest days of the Church, Christians have supported one another, prayed for one another and helped one another to live as Jesus' followers. The purpose of our small midweek groups is to provide a relaxed, safe space for people to explore faith together, support one another and learn how best to follow Jesus and make him known. Each group is led by an experienced leader/s and they in turn are supported through regular shared meetings for training and worship.

Most of the groups meet informally in people's homes - they're fun, sociable, and a place to develop strong friendships. They meet on different days of the week with various regularity for assorted age groups—and all warmly welcome new people who would like to try their group. Some focus more on in-depth Bible study, others more on building relationships; some meet in the evenings, others during the day - all of them (except Pints of View) engage together in Bible study, prayer and worship and seek to develop a loving, caring community where anyone can belong, find support and grow as a follower of Jesus.  

Evolve is a women's group that meets twice a month on Tuesdays.

Pints of View is an informal discussion group for men that meets monthly in a local pub.

For younger(-ish!) adults there's a weekly group on Tuesdays.

A bible meditation group gathers fortnightly on Tuesday afternoons.

Two daytime groups: Thursday Mornings@Church meet fortnightly on Thursday mornings and another group meets monthly on a Thursday afternoon.

Seven evening groups gather: 3 monthly on a Tuesday or Thursday; 3 twice a month on a Monday or Wed; 1 weekly on Tuesdays.


 If you are looking to join a small group then we'd love to hear from you—please contact either  Jo Morris (iamthisjoanna@gmail.com) please or Revd. Simon Potter (assocvicar@stmarysb.org.uk) for more information.