At its heart prayer is simply being with God who loves us. In prayer we praise God, give thanks, listen for His voice and bring our needs and the needs of the world before Him. There are a number of different opportunities to pray with others listed in this section of the website and the church is open nearly every morning for prayer should you want to come and spend some time in the peace with God. 

St Mary's at Prayer 

On the first Monday of the month at 7.30pm we meet in the church for our church prayer meeting. it is a chance to come together and pray for the church and the community around us. Everyone is welcome.

We have a brand new prayer list for June 2020. Click on the link below for some ideas to pray around. 

Monthly Prayers June 2020

Monthly Prayer July 2020

Prayer Cells and Prayer Links

We would like to encourage everyone to be part of a prayer cell of three or four people who meet regularly to pray and support one another spiritually. Another way in which we do this is through St Mary's Links, an informal cross-generational pairing of individuals or couples or families who commit to support one another through prayer and friendship. These are exciting, fledgling new initiatives at St Mary's, so contact Jo Morris (0117 968 2486) if you would like more information, or are interested in joining a cell or making a link.

Growing in prayer

We host weekly sessions to pray, including Sundays at church at 8:30AM, bi-monthly preceeding the PCC meeting at 6:45pm in the James Chapel, and prayer for youth work each Tuesday morning. At times we have coordinated prayer walks along the roads near the church to pray for residents. For one week each year, congregation members volunteer set amounts of time to come in to church and pray, mainly for our mission partners, in what all together becomes a week of continual prayer. If you would like to be involved in this, contact Angela Cattell (0117 968 3069) or Mike Stewart (0117 968 2776). 

Daily Prayer

The clergy lead daily prayer on Tuesday-Friday mornings in the James chapel from 8.30 to 9am. You are welcome to join them if you would like to. 

Prayer for Youth and Children 

A group of people meet to pray for and support the Youth and Children’s Ministry on Mondays from 9am - 10am  in the Hulbert Room off the Main Hall.  You are welcome to join us.

Saturday Morning

Prayers are led for the church community and any who have asked for prayer. Do join the group at 8.30am in the James Chapel for an hour if you’d like to.


At least once a year we commit to praying for 7 days 24 hours a day for the world and the church. We also spend time listening for anything that God would like to say to us. This is always a significant point in the annual life of the church when church members sign up for 1 hour slots for the week. Our next week of 24/7 prayer is 29-5 October 2019. Contact Angela Cattell or the office for more details. 

Meditation Group

There is a meditation group that meets twice per month to pray. If you are interested in this, you would be most welcome, please contact Hazel Trapnell. 

Urgent Prayer requests 

If you have a need that you would like prayed for urgently and in confidence we have a small group of people who have committed to pray for you. Please send your requests to prayer@stmarysb.org.uk or telephone 01179685959 or the church office and someone will respond. 

Prayer Ministry

If you would like us to pray for you or someone you care for then we would be glad to do that. Prayer Ministry is a model of prayer where a couple of people come and pray alongside you seeking God with you. St Mary’s is blessed with a group of people who are trained to offer extended times to pray with you about any issue you would like to bring to God. This could be a health need or a difficult time you are facing or just simply that you want to know God’s love.

Prayer is there for you in different ways:

  • There are people available to pray for individuals at the end of each of our services on Sunday.
  • If you write a prayer to put on a leaf to put on the ‘prayer tree, your prayer will be included in the Saturday prayers.
  • Fill in the request form for prayer and/or pastoral care which you will find near the church entrances. This will make sure the prayers are appropriate and timely.
  • Email your prayer request to prayer@stmarysb.org.uk.
  • Contact one of the clergy directly.