Making Him Known

Throughout history, human beings have sought something bigger than themselves; a vision and purpose that somehow makes sense of our existence, a focus for the celebration of our joy and wonder and somewhere to take our sorrows, a light in the darkness.

At St Mary’s, we are a community of people of all ages who believe that purpose is to be found in Jesus Christ, the person through whom God chose to reveal himself to the world.

Because we believe Jesus is who he said he was – the Son of God - we not only want to follow his example and teaching as closely as we can in our own lives but we also want to help others to get to know him and recognise his significance too.

That way, eventually, we believe the world will be transformed.

If you would like to explore who Jesus is and what it might look like to follow him in your own life, there are all sorts of ways to do it and we’d love to help you get started. Here are some ideas or you can contact Rev James Harris for an initial discussion:

Alpha is a course for those who want to ask questions about the meaning of life and understand what the Christian faith has to say in response. Sessions normally start with food, followed by a talk or film and then a time for discussion and questions.

At St Mary’s, we typically run a full 10-week Alpha course once a year (this will probably take place in the lead-up to Easter in 2017) as well as shorter 4-week introductory courses at other times. Contact the Church Office to find out when the next course will begin.

Other events
Keep checking our website for details of one-off events such as concerts, talks or social events where you will be able to meet with others who are also exploring what it means to follow Jesus.

Come along to one of our services where we gather to hear from God through singing, praying and exploring the Bible.

Life events
It’s often when we reach key points in life that we find we want to involve God in what’s happening, even if we can’t quite explain why or how. We can help you to plan a christening (baptism), wedding or funeral that helps you make sense of what’s going on in your life from a Christian perspective.