Going as a Family 


We hope you will find these pages helpful. Click on the different links to find activity ideas, crafts, and reflections for all the family. There will be puzzle pages and Bible stories to look at together as family, that link to our Sunday services. Or you may like to listen to a story. We are also hoping to add some links to additional resources too:

Sunday Resources

This Weeks Content: 31st May 2020- Pentecost Sunday

310520 Activity (446.6KB)
310520 Colouring (107.4KB)
310520 Reflection (67.5KB)
BFB Pentecost (1.2MB)





Other Resources

Useful Links (101.6KB)
Coping Strategies (121.8KB)
240520 Activity (361.2KB)
240520 Colouring (344.5KB)
240520 Reflection (60.8KB)
170520 Activity (642.4KB)
170520 Colouring (500.1KB)


Office Staff, 30/03/2020