Avonside Mission Area

The ASMA area have a series of new worship and intercession evenings on Sundays 5pm - 6pm.  To find out more and see when they are on please click on the link - HARP & BOWL

Join us in prayer for the ASMA area on the first Monday of each month:

July/August 2022

A prayer of blessing for the ASMA area

John Monaghan (St Edyth's) - letter announcing new post

Vision and Priorities

The Avonside Mission Area (ASMA) is composed of the Anglican churches of Avonmouth, Lawrence Weston, Sea Mills with Coombe Dingle, Shirehampton and Stoke Bishop.  We are seeking to work together for the social, cultural and spiritual transformation of all our communities in partnership with Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.

With our partner churches, we are focusing on five priorities:

Children and Young People
Equipping everyone in our communities to live abundant lives
Prayer as Mission
Social Justice


Missional Communities

These five priority areas have been adopted by our five ASMA 'Missional Communities' - one priority per Community.  The five Missional Communities are groups which meet regularly (usually monthly, some more often) to advance the work of the Mission Area in their adopted priority area.  They do this by gathering for Welcome, Worship and to look at God's Word.  

They are then actively involved in going into our communities in practical ways Witnessing to Jesus' love in action, word and prayer.
Each Missional Community shares the common Avonside Mission Area DNA; they are based around Jesus' commission to his disciples to go Wider into our world with his good news and, as we do so to go Deeper in our own faith in him.  Each group is doing this by focusing on the Four Ws of Welcome, Witness, Word and Worship.
Anyone can join any Missional Community.  If you would like to hear more about a particular Community or if you would like to join one, please contact Rev Simon Potter at assocvicar@stmarysb.org.uk.

We are also hoping  that new Missional Communities might 'pop up', around specific shared interests.  Are you for example, someone who loves golf?  Are you a lady (or gentleman) who lunches?  Do you have a sneaking suspicion that others might share your passion for jazz?  Or the theatre? Or rambling? Or scrap-booking? Or gardening?  Might you be interested in establishing a little Missional Community of your own which seeks to combine the four Ws of Welcome, Witness, Word and Worship with your shared passion?  Who might you invite along?  For a further conversation regarding a pop-up Missional Community, please contact Rev Simon Potter at assocvicar@stmarysb.org.uk.

Regular Events

We also enjoy meeting together as a Mission Area in our regular Prayer Celebrations and during the annual Lent courses, and at the SHAPE course.  More information on future Avonside Mission Area events can be obtained from the Church Office. 

For the latest news from all the Mission Areas in Bristol, including the Avonside Mission Area, click here 

Office Staff, 02/04/2019