Bible Meditation Group

There are as many forms of meditation in the world as there are forms of prayer, and not all require sitting cross-legged on the floor chanting or maintaining a lengthy silence!

St Mary’s Bible Meditation group is welcoming and friendly. It offers an opportunity to come together as a group, in order to be guided by the leader into letting go of busy thoughts and activity and to still our minds and hearts in a valuable quiet space, so that we may quite simply become receptive to God. This facilitates a creative, two-way communication process not always experienced through prayer alone.

Meditation beckons to those who would like to deepen their prayer life through exploring new paths of becoming more consciously aware through reflection and contemplation. Familiar Biblical passages may become enriched and understood more deeply, or familiar themes explored in a creative, new and dynamic way . This can open up a fresh approach to living not just in the heart and mind but spilling over into an outward expression of our own unique creativity.

Leading a session is entirely voluntary and each session is very different, as we are all unique individuals with our own approach. It is a time for communion with God and with each other in the peace of the leader’s home. At the end there is a companionable time together for a chat with soft drinks and biscuits and an opportunity to make a small donation to the Sisters of St Paul, whom the group supports.

The Bible Meditation Group meets twice monthly 2:20pm on Tuesdays in members' homes for a reflective time stimulated by readings, music, and art, followed by a sociable half hour. If you're longing to make space to be quiet and listen to God, do come along. Contact 0117 968 2170 for further details.