Use the map to follow the short trail around the parish. Find the four pictures of stories from the Bible. Guess the story and then link the story to one of the values on the sheet. Use the QR codes to help you.


Download a map of the trail:
here if you attend Stoke Bishop Primary School SBPS 
or here if you don’t.

Use the QR code to access the story or scroll down and click on each image  

Picture 1: 
JST 1 Calming Storm[1]
       Jesus Calms the Storm     
reference 1 and 4
Picture 2: 

JST 2 Good Samaritan[1]
    The Good Samaritan
reference 2 and 3
Picture 3: 

JST 3 The Lost Sheep
   The Lost Sheep
reference 2 and 3
Picture 4: 

JST 4 Jesus washing feet
  Jesus Washing Feet
reference 1 and 4

Office Staff, 10/02/2021