Soulfulness: Theory and Practice 


Wednesday 9 October 3 to 6pm and 7 to 9pm
Evening meal provided 6 to 7 pm
Come for all the time if possible - or just for part.
Cost £20 including meal.  Half price for students.  Bursaries available.

What makes us flourish?  Are we in good shape and if we’re not, what can we do about it?   That’s what we are looking into at St Mary’s.

A course called Mindfulness in a Christian Context has just completed and elicited a very positive response.  Following on from this we have now arranged for Brian Draper, author of an excellent book called Soulfulness, to lead this afternoon and evening session to help us take stock of our lives, find refreshment, and lead us on.  Soulfulness invites us to join Brian on a ‘further journey into soul: to explore/consolidate how the simplest but most profound benefits of mindfulness find common ground with the treasure of contemplative Christian practice, and lead to a more dynamic, engaged way to live our lives.’  

brian draper

   Brian Draper lectures for the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity and is a contributor to Thought for the Day. 
    He helps people of all faiths and none to see the world from a creative and engaging spiritual perspective. 
    He is former editor of the Christian current affairs magazine ‘Third Way’.


No previous experience of Mindfulness is required.  Students in local halls of residence and Trinity College are warmly welcome as they begin to negotiate the white-water rapids and challenges of student life and lay the foundations of their adult lives.   This refreshing and thoughtful day is for everyone at whatever stage of life, member of St Mary’s or not.

Invite your friends!

Register your interest with the Church Office (968 7449) or contact Hazel Trapnell (968 7190), giving your email address and contact details.  

Office Staff, 27/08/2019